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Q. Who can use V-Miracle Cream?

Ans. A woman above 18+ can use V-Miracle Cream. Any woman who experiences vaginal laxity (looseness of vaginal muscles) or vaginal dryness, she can use V-Miracle Cream to revitalize vaginal muscles.

Q. Will I get instant Pinkish vigina after applying V-Miracle Cream?

Ans. Since it is made of natural ingredients, V-Miracle Cream takes some time to show results. It works gradually from inside, When you use it regularly for one or two weeks, you will be able to see the results.

Q. Can I do intercourse after applying V-Miracle Cream?

Ans. Yes, you can indulge in sexual activity and intercourse after applying V-Miracle Cream. In fact, V-Miracle Cream shall act as a lubricant and will help in enhancing the sexual pleasure.

Q. Can I have sex with my partner after using V-Miracle Cream?

Ans. Yes. You can have sex with your partner after applying V-Miracle Cream. We suggest to use V-Miracle Cream at least 30 minutes before sex so that it is absorbed inside the vaginal muscles

Q. My skin is sensitive. Can I use V-Miracle Cream?

Ans. Yes, you can. But before that you should perform a patch test by applying a small quantity of V-Miracle Cream on the inside of your forearm on the skin. If there are no signs of an allergy (such as skin irritation, reddening or rashes), you can use V-Miracle Cream. However, if there are signs of allergy, use of V-Miracle Cream is not recommended.

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